Who's this?

Protractor Ninja is Austin Anderson, a man of many talents: code, design, fencing, scripting, you name it. He’s almost cocky enough to write a personal about page entirely in the third person, but that would be taking things entirely too far.

At work…

My passion has found itself to be scripting, testing and automation: I’m the dangerously lazy sort of programmer who absolutely hates having to type more than one command to build, test and deploy my projects. The result? I’m ever-optimizing my workflow for ease-of-use, and I love to help others do the same.

…and play…

When I’m not playing the power user, I read (Terry Pratchett is my favorite author), draw, fence, crochet (sometimes), and create lovely graphic design. I also have a fair share of recreational coding projects – programming isn’t just my job.

…without rest.

I’m the president of Clemson University’s ACM chapter, in charge of a legion of upstate South Carolina’s finest geeks. I run LAN parties, host tech talks, run newbie-friendly seminars on Git, Linux, and other super-useful topics, and organize Clemson’s ACM programming team. I can never seem to catch a break, but I love what I do.

Can I talk to you?

Absolutely. Drop me an email, or contact me on any of the many social networks indicated at the top of the page. You can take a look at my always-up-to-date résumé here.